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There is just something about being surrounded by textbooks, note-cards and school projects that bring out your inner prepster. For as long as we can remember, fashionistas have associated the word preppy with all things professional and productive.

Our “preppy” side comes out when we mean business and when we want to be taken a bit more seriously. This style can be described as a mixture between the power suit and a school uniform.  Above we have VCU Fashion Student Kristen Ballon wearing her version of preppy with this cozy cream sweater, worn over a denim shirt and dark skinny jeans. Her bib necklace brings a bit of glamour into the classroom while still keeping the look polished with these classic neutral oxford shoes.

Another VCU student Vera Magdeva, tries a more classic version of the prepster trend. Here shown below, she is wearing a lightweight grey knit sweater over a white peter pan collared oxford shirt. A neutral pallet keeps this look serious yet sweet and she shows us that simplicity and structure can take you a long way.

For a creative spin on this school girl look, try finding clothing items that combine your favorite colors and prints with traditional and structured silhouettes. Perfect your outfit with a few trendy accessories to add some fun to this serious style.

To cap off the day you can head off to that cozy bonfire.  

Bikini Shell Fashion Blogger, Gabi Lawrence